The Surja Engineering Industries, Howrah, West Bengal, India is a Manufacturing Unit. We supplied our machinery in Building, Road and Bridge construction Enterprises. Other than, our unit is worked in Chemical Industries, Sponge Iron & Iron Ore Industries, Spice Industries and other Various Industries.

     We covered our manufacturing all type of Crushing, Grinding, Mixing, Screening and material Handling Equipment. We are manufacturing Stone/Iron Ore/Sponge Iron Crusher, Granulator, Hammer Mill/Disintegrator, Coal Crusher and Pulveriser, Vibrating Screen, Rotary Screen, Vibrating Fe3eder, Belt and Plate Conveyor, Bucket Conveyor, Pan Mixer, Sand and Cement Mixer, Pan grinding Cum Mixing Machine, Concrete Way Batcher and Hollow Bricks Machine.

     Our aim quality and service to our customer. Quality, Service, Experience and the capacity to fulfill the customer’s expectations has been the company is guiding principles. They define quality in terms of customer satisfaction, prompt delivery, customer service, distribution and perfection in their product. The company has been living these principals from the 1st day. The success of these principals has seen the company through the slump. The company is now growing at a phenomenal rate. The development has enable the company to move to this level. Develop is carried out based on the input the company receives from certain customers. They believe in “Innovate or Evaporate”.