The Belt Conveyor Consist of standard parts, when advanced and simple in structure, easy to Maintance vibrating equipment is adaptable for stationary adopted crushing plant. Belt Conveyor are widely used metallurgical and coal industries to transfer sandy material, or packaged material. According to different transferring equipment, the transfer system can independedly or multi-conveyor or combined with transfer equipment. The Belt Conveyor can be are horizontally or aslope to ment the needs of different lines.
The types of the Belt Conveyor produced flows :
1. Devided by Driving Method:
  A.STD-Mechanical Drive
       The belt conveyor driven by cycloidal pinwheel roller outdoor motor and chain-drive         mechanism.
       Belt Conveyor adopts upside-down reducer and to mechanize.
 B. STD Electric Motor Drive Series:
     The belt Conveyor is driven by electric motor.

2. Divide by Installation Methods:
 A. Fixed Series:
     The Belt Conveyor directly installed on foundation
 B. SDY-Portable Series:
      The Belt Conveyor equipped with type for moving adjusting capability, Belt Conveyor       can be Easily Conveyor can be really moved and adjusted by direct transfer       requirements

3. Divided by Structures:
    The Belt Conveyor product by SURJA has three Structures.

There are two kinds of Belt Conveyor, one equip repairing walkway while the other without. When the Belt Conveyor, the customer should give us instruction